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IIAP is a versatile Kinesiology Training Centre for the most inspiring Kinesiology course on offer. You’ll gain what’s needed to be an effective therapist. Our professional kinesiology training courses and workshops are professional and engaging.

We are located just south of Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, adjacent to Cotton Beach Resort, Casuarina – in a private quiet part of the beach. Come and see us or we can run a workshop in your area.

Training is in 6 X 12 day blocks, and 1 X 5 day block. allowing focused study and experiences. We look forward to you joining us for learning, growing, realising health and potential, and gaining an accredited qualification.

We invite you to come and meet our trainer Sherril Taylor and see what we have to offer you.

Our specialisation

Professional Kinesiology Excellence

With more than 25 years experience, IIAP is passionate about our area of natural therapy. Through quality tuition and experience we work with you to build your excellence in understanding the healing journey, and your excellence in practitioner skills.

Kinesiology focuses on client need, excellent communication and bringing about enhanced wellbeing and life quality.  It is a mind-body modality bringing your body back into balance.  Find your healer within.

Applied Physiology

Applied Physiology is often classified within the healing and investigative field as a type of specialised Kinesiology. It is an advanced muscle-monitoring system allowing imbalances in the physical and metaphysical body to be addressed.

A wonderful healing journey is undertaken by the student and the capacity to take others deeply into their own healing journeys is remarkable.

Meet our Principal

Sherril Taylor is a thorough professional with a caring, happy disposition, and a heathy lifestyle. She adds a personal touch to classes, believing they should be fun, lively and interactive. Sherril specialises in practitioners and Instructors in the Applied Physiology method. Her love of these modalities, her personal passion and wealth of experience is felt when attending her seminars.
Sherril has more than two decades experience as a practitioner and teacher.  She is a professional member of the Australian Therapeutic Medicine Society. Sherril is on the executive of Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Association, and is a past president of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists. Find out Sherril’s story…

Kinesiology Clinic – Practitioner Sherril Taylor 25 years experience!

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Professional Kinesiology qualifications

Learn more about Professional kinesiology qualifications around Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide


Modality of Applied Physiology

Applied Physiology is a living paradigm that can empower human beings, assist in healing the human body and nurture the human spirit.


Modality of Kinergetics

Kinergetics is a fast effective Kinesiology training technique.  Kinergetics uses healing energy as its only correction tool.


RESET Training

Take one of our short RESET WORKSHOPS and restore balance and health in your life. Held at Casuarina on the Tweed Coast.


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Enrol in a Professional kinesiology qualification anywhere around Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide


Study Options for Everyone !

Our versatile programs and caring trainer Sherril Taylor offer an experience you will remember for life.


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