Private sessions for Kinesiology and Psychotherapy are available in person with IIAP’s Principal Sherril Taylor, at our Practice Centre at Casuarina on the Tweed Coast of northern New South Wales, or via zoom.

Whether you would like a private session or want to learn kinesiology through a workshop series, or one of our short programs – it’s all about personal control of health, vitality, happiness and longevity.

Boost your potential

Practitioner and trainer Sherril Taylor offers health and lifestyle plans to revitalise your body and mind along with support toward achieving personal potential.

Kinesiology is a diverse mind-body modality. Practitioners are usually visited because of particular quality of life and health concerns or because of a general concern.

We can help you boost balance, find new potential and bring the body back to balance.

A growing sector

In Kinesiology, muscle responses are used to investigate stress levels in nervous and energy systems.  Identifying areas of imbalance means working with the physical mental and emotional stresses that affect wellbeing.

The Australian Institute of Kinesiologists says Kinesiology is the fastest growing of the natural health sciences and that a two-way, mutually supportive relationship between Kinesiologists and other health professionals is growing.