International Institute of Applied Physiology offers:

  • Professional kinesiology training delivering Professional Kinesiologist Qualification
  • Kinesiology training in the International Diploma of Applied Physiology
  •  Professionsl Instructor Training in the International Diploma of Applied Physiology
  • specialised short courses for continuing professional education and updates.
  • private sessions for healing, growth and mentoring

Programs are accredited by the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and the Australian Kinesiology Association, ensuring thorough and portable professional accreditation.

Practitioner and key instructor Sherril Taylor – an experienced and exceptional trainer, healer and mentor – is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and a member of the Australian Therapeutic Medicine Society.

Workshops are for personal healing or students wanting a career in Kinesiology.

Private sessions and mentoring are on site at Casuarina on the Tweed Coast or via video link.

Kinesiology Studies

Our Diploma-level studies give you a thorough grounding in Kinesiology with practitioners gaining solid professional kinesiology skills.

Continuing Professional Education

Practitioners and specialists can refine skills by undertaking further studies in specialised areas.

Workshops/Short Courses

Our streams of Kinesiology include Applied Physiology and Kinergetics. Both are suited to short programs.

Private Healing Sessions

Our physical, emotional and biochemical selves are intertwined.  Identifying and resolving stresses boosts wellbeing.