Our versatile programs and caring trainer Sherril Taylor offer an experience you will remember for life.

Workshops and training are organised into workshop blocks – rather than weekly visits – perfect for a short stay in our area and organising workshops around your job.

Our blend of professional learning and enjoyment promotes personal healing, enhanced wellbeing and quality learning:

  • We use quality, modern, inspiring methods and venues. All courses are accredited.
  • We connect with you in a caring manner.
  • Learning is in a place you will want to experience and share with others.
  • Workshops can be run in your area.
  • We love what Kinesiology offers and invite you to experience it too.

Trying out short programs

Get a ‘taste’ for kinesiology through introductory programs.

Applied Physiology Diploma

Applied Physiology Awards

Study with us and become a Stress Observation Specialist or Master Applied Physiologist

Study and programs to suit you

Mix and match different streams to build your Kinesiology studies.