Our workshops include Diploma workshops and short programs in Applied Physiology, Kinergetics, Body & Soul Kinesiology, RESET, Art of Life Series, Inner Harmony, Acupressure, Right Use of Power and more.

Suggested avenues for short programs

  1. Applied Physiology – Short Courses – this is the best place to start!  Try some short courses and begin working with clients straight away! Agape Quest: 5 days, 10 days or 14 days. Also 7 Chi Keys:  5 days.
  2. Kinergetics – Short courses – 6 two day Units, completed consecutively. You can do all six units or just one.
  3. RESET – two 3.5 hour workshops completed consecutively.  You can do one or both.
  4. Right Use Of Power – Ethics with wisdom and power with heart. A 2-day experiential workshop