We support Kinesiology practitioners with a versatile course structure that is professional and covers all the areas of health and disease that present in modern life.

Where is your interest?

You may require small segments of training to add to your knowledge or wish to go through our full program and experience the total Applied Physiology training.

As a practitioner, you might consider studying:

RESET which is a simple painless system that can rapidly and profoundly relieve symptoms related to the TMJ and jaw muscles.

Right Use of Power, a program focusing on ethics for practitioners

A program from Applied Physiology studies, such as Attitude with Essence, about peering deeply and non-invasively into the body, identifying areas of imbalance and stress, restoring balance and vitality to all aspects of the body through a combination of powerful holographic tools and techniques; such as positive affirmations, flower essences, and the sound vibrations of tuning forks.

A program from the Kinergetics workshops, a creative stream of Kinesiology and a fast and powerful way of accessing stresses and facilitating change. Kinergetics, now taught in Australia and internationally, is empowering and a strong personal development tool.

Location flexibility

There is immense flexibility with Continuing Professional Education.  You can arrange a customised program for a group at your location, or attend workshops at our practice centre at Casuarina. All workshops are in blocks, as opposed to weekly attendance. Take a short vacation and get your study done!