Richard & Sherril America“My own career and search for healing knowledge began 1992 with Acupuncture studies. I acquired wonderful techniques and theory, but I was still searching for yet a deeper understanding of our healing abilities. Of course, later I realised that answer was Applied Physiology! For me, it is the crown jewel of the healing modalities.”

“I had attended an Applied Physiology Master class in Anatomy and Physiology, back in 1998, and this convinced me to study in the USA with Richard Utt – the American founder of Applied Physiology. Later I became an International Facilitator for Applied Physiology and an International Teacher/Trainer for Applied Physiology.

“I resolved to continue to make this wonderful work available internationally after the sad passing of Richard’s Utt, after a long illness, in 2012. In my view Richard was a creative genius. Now it’s my turn to teach and inspire, trying to match the wonderful mentors I have had.  I have taught both overseas, Moscow, Ukraine and currently in Mumbai, India, and in Australia – including Sydney, Adelaide, south-east Queensland, and Casuarina, NSW. I look forward to meeting you one day soon.”