Kinesiology is all about growth and a passion for self-knowledge.

Kinesiology International courses and streams cover a variety of healing modalities—which can be applied individually or in an integrated approach.

Through Kinesiology, muscle responses are used to investigate stress levels in nervous and energy systems.

Identifying areas of imbalance means working with physical, mental and emotional stresses that affect wellbeing.

Select a stream of kinesiology to explore.

More on Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a therapy that explores physical, emotional and biochemical factors. It is also a therapy that revolves around good communication.

Applied Physiology – a major stream in kinesiology

Applied Physiology is a very specialised form of Kinesiology that enables us to find and release blockages at their source.

Kinergetics — a major stream in kinesiology

Kinergetics is a creative and diverse system of Kinesiology using healing energy as its only correction.

How it helps

Kinesiology helps by restoring balance to the energy systems of our body.  When our body is in balance we have the perfect environment for health and wellbeing to be restored.