Kinesiology International offers its own special quality in education with comfortable surroundings continued support and updates.

Options to consider

  • RESET which is a simple painless system that can rapidly and profoundly relieve symptoms related to the TMJ and jaw muscles..
  • Right Use of Power, a program focusing on ethics for practitioners
  • A program from Applied Physiology studies, such as Attitude with Essence, about peering deeply and non-invasively into the body, identifying areas of imbalance and stress, restoring balance and vitality to all aspects of the body through a combination of powerful holographic tools and techniques; such as positive affirmations, flower essences, and the sound vibrations of tuning forks.
  • A program from the Kinergetics workshops, a creative stream of Kinesiology and a fast and powerful way of accessing stresses and facilitating change. Kinergetics, now taught in Australia and internationally, is empowering and a strong personal development tool.

Studies become a pleasure

Practitioners and specialists benefit from upskilling and taking time out to refresh competencies and approaches.

At Casuarina – on the Tweed Coast, at the southern end of the Gold Coast—it is pure magic and escape. You can leave the pressures of daily life behind while you study!