AP1 12 day Seminar: Foundation Module – Stress Observation

MUSCLE MONITORING (No Pre-requisites)

This 3-day workshop provides an introduction to monitoring the sixteen Applied Physiology muscles in fourteen positions.  Applied Kinesiology recognizes that each muscle has a primary meridian/organ relationship.  Applied Physiology research has revealed that each muscle has an object meridian related to Position 1.  However, further investigation proves that a muscle alters its meridian relationship when challenged through its range of motion.  This leads to integral fourteen-position monitoring, seven in contraction and seven in extension, bringing into play the agonist-antagonist relationship of the nervous system.  Each position outside of Position 1 (object meridian) relates to a reference meridian.  This muscle relationship is the physical body’s hardware model of the holographic super-theory.   Participants will become familiar with the seven states of muscle stress.  Students will learn how to stimulate the new holographic neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular dual points for correction.  This material will complete their foundation for further work in Applied Physiology.

ATTITUDE WITH ESSENCE  (No Pre-requisites)

This two-day workshop introduces the beginning Stress Observation Specialist, to the concept of Ohm’s Law (law of electricity) and its relationship to the Holographic Super-theory.  Individuals understand their reality through observance of these laws.  This reality is manifested through their attitudes, thoughts and feelings. The conscious, subconscious, and unconscious are stimulated by means of positive affirmations, flower essences, and the sound vibrations of tuning forks to unlock hidden memory.  Clients can claim responsibility for their reality once their attitudes come to the surface as beta-level recall.

They can alter life-long patterns in which they have reacted rather than choosing to respond with love. Observing this process brings a new dimension to the work of the practitioner of Applied Physiology. This process brings clarity to the client concerning their distresses, enabling release from negative and mental states.  A positive change then results in their lives.

CAN OPENER  (Pre-requisites Muscle Monitoring & Attitude with Essence)

This three-day workshop introduces the acupressure holographic model.  This two-alarm point model directs the practitioner to a specific acupuncture command point indicated by the Seven-Element acupressure system.  You will learn how to locate and stimulate 112 acupuncture points, comprising of the seven command points for 14 meridians. You will learn how to determine the specific states of muscular stress that interrupt the balance of energy flow through the acupuncture point.   This flow can be balanced by the use of flower essences, colour, light or deep touch acupressure, neuro-lymphatic or neuro-vascular stimulation, sound, and affirmations. The Can Opener procedure can be devoted to focusing upon one single meridian/organ relationship. This enables the Practitioner to focus on a specific problem independently.  The second half of the workshop teaches the art of changing a “can’t” into a “can”.  A specialized system of colour coding the acupressure system is also introduced. We also look at relationship dynamics in this workshop.  Accurate energy research records are formulated to reflect the self-image mirror balance.

FIGURE 8’s (Pre-requisite Can Opener)

This one-day workshop explores the electromagnetic aspects that are an integral part of our holographic selves.  The Tibetan Figure 8 model used in most Kinesiology programs is broadened in the Holographic Super-theory of Applied Physiology.  The infinitive movement of energy within the universe is sectioned into 196 electromagnetic configurations of the Figure 8 System.  Applied Physiology has cross-referenced many of the other electromagnetic imbalances found in traditional Applied Kinesiology and found them to be balanced by the Tibetan Figure 8’s.  This unique course follows the Can-Opener.  The points of command taught in the Can-Opener are also used in the Figure 8 System. This course is the first master correction taught to the Student.

BASKET WEAVER (Pre-requisite Can Opener)

This two-day workshop introduces four new exciting holographic models. The Acu-Touch hologram enables the practitioner to pinpoint precisely the area of the body to touch and the type of nurturing touch to apply.  Hand and foot reflexology holograms are introduced to enhance body energy detoxification.   The Basket Weaver program allows the practitioner to jump meridian to meridian stitching client’s broken energies back together.  The approach helps clients develop self- mastery.  The finale to this third level of holographic model shows the genealogy model and how individuals bring energies into this lifetime from previous generations.

6th Section – Professional & Advanced Procedures – Final day

This one-day workshop explores the integration of Sections 1 to 5.  Plus – the concept of reactive behaviours within families and relationships will be introduced. The student will learn how to look for and balance reactive behavioural systems. The student will learn how to weave the Can Opener and Basket Weaver methods.  The client homework hologram designed by Richard Utt will be taught as a finishing technique. The student will gain confidence and a deeper understanding of the holistic approach gained using Applied Physiology Agape Quest module.

On completion Student receives title and certificate “Stress Observation Specialist” 96 hours. certified by International Institute of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology International, and recognised by AIK Ltd & AKA.

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